In a new paper in Current Biology on snake sex determination and sex chromosome evolution led by our collaborators Tony Gamble and Warren Booth, we found evidence for XY sex determination in boas and pythons, overturning decades of previous (and untested) thought that these snakes have a ZW sex determination system.

This study provides a new perspective on snake sex chromosome evolution, and further highlights snakes as an excellent model for exploring diverse sex determination systems!

Congrats to Todd, Daren, Drew, and coauthors!

Check out popular press coverage of the paper in The Scientist Magazine here.

For more details, check out the paper here:

Tony Gamble, Todd A. Castoe, Stuart V. Nielsen, Jaison L. Banks, Daren C. Card, Drew R. Schield, Gordon W. Schuett, and Warren Booth. The Discovery of XY sex chromosomes in a Boa and Python. Current Biology link.